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William King


covers Georgia’s economic, business and tourism sectors, as well as all China-related news and developments. 

Georgia celebrates 100 years of independence

Georgia celebrated its 100 anniversary of the establishment of the First Georgian Democratic Republic (1918) on Saturday. And while the rain did its best to dampen the mood, the la...


საქართველო 100 ნაბიჯში / Georgia in 100 steps

On Saturday, May 26, Georgia will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the First Democratic Georgian Republic. The streets of the capital will be filled with tens of thousands of peo...

A crash course in Georgian chacha

When you visit Georgia, it is likely that at some point you will be asked to drink a shot of chacha. What is chacha you ask? Chacha is a very potent spirit made from all tha...

Georgian sumo wrestler defeats legendary opponent

With his dark hair tied neatly into the traditional bun atop his head, from a distance, he looks like any other Japanese sumo wrestler. However, look a little closer and you will s...

Get to know Georgia's two biggest summer festivals

With all the concerts taking place in Georgia throughout the year, none are as highly anticipated as GEM Fest and Tbilisi Open-Air. The former is dedicated to electronic music and

Wizz-Air continues its success in Kutaisi

Hungary’s low-cost airline Wizz Air performed its first Kutaisi-Athens flight from Kutaisi International Airport on May 17. The flight to Greece was operated using the budget compa...