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Chinese Baozi and Georgian khinkali

They are similar to Chinese Dumplings, called in China baozi, but Georgian khinkali are much larger than their bite-sized cousins.

A crash course in Georgian cheese

Cheese is an integral part of any Georgian feast. Served with fresh shotis puri (canoe-shaped Georgian bread baked in a stone kiln) Georgian cheese is one of the most commonly eate...

How to make Georgian churchkhela

As a tourist, you have probably been wondering what those colorful sticks are hanging from strings at various stands around the city. For the uninitiated, they are called churchkhe...

Gemrieli Café opens its doors

The plethora of new food and drink venues that have sprouted-up in Tbilisi over the last few years have transformed the capital’s once fairly mundane culinary landscape into......

Georgia must prioritize customer service in 2018

Tourism is undeniably one the Georgia’s most important and successful industries... 

Top-five importers of Georgian wine 2017

Georgia exported 76.7 million bottles of wine to 53 different countries in 2017. 

Enjoy Tbilisi on foot during the holiday season

The centerpiece of the holiday display is in front of the former parliament building, where a larger-than-life Christmas tree can be found rising high into the sky.

President Margvelashvili promotes “Ask for Georgian” campaign

On December 1, President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili initiated a campaign entitled ‘Ask for Georgian’ as means to promote Georgian products

Tbilisi now has its own speakeasy bar

Tbilisi gets its own speakeasy bar

Washington DC gets its first and only Georgian restaurant - 'Supra'

Washington DC gets its first and only Georgian restaurant - 'Supra'

Learn how to pair sweet wine with various dishes at Georgian Fusion and Wines

The Georgian Sommelier Association and the Culinarium Cooking School